Update Regarding Bears' Kicker Situation.

Published May 6, 2019 at 11:14

The Chicago Bears are still slightly attached to former kicker Robbie Gould however there's no guarantee they can pull off that trade. Gould off course hasn't signed his franchise tag with the Niners and has reportedly told them he won't show up. The Bears can't depend on any trade and have been trying to find a no name solution, however that doesn't look much better either. Over the weekend the Bears had kickers Redford Jones and Casey Bednarski competing during mini camp and by the end of the weekend both were cut from the team.The Bears also announced that kicker John Baron II has been cut. Kicking from 42 yards out over the weekend, all kickers hit it except for Jones and Baron. The only bright spot so far has been Chris Blewitt who seems like he might be the lead guy however like everybody else has never kicked an NFL field goal.More to come.

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