This reunion could be very beneficial in Chicago!

Vince Carbonneau
March 30, 2022  (10:21)

We have been pounding the table for Ryan Poles to find a way to reunite Chris Olave or Garrett Wilson with Justin Fields for a while now. This could create a Joe Burrow/Jamar Chase 2.0. However, the chances of a reunion like that for the Bears are pretty slime since they don't have a first-round pick. I think the more realistic version of this could be by drafting Ohio State tight end Jeremy Ruckert.

The Bears already have a pretty good tight end in Cole Kmet. But, he has had his fair share of struggles in his short career. Also, the Bears have pretty much no other tight ends with any experience on the roster. We know for a fact that the new Bears offensive coordinator, Luke Getsy likes to play multiple tight end packages, especially in the red zone. With that being said, you can hardly have too many solid tight ends on your roster.
Ruckert was a very talented prospect coming out of high school. He was actually the second-ranked tight end in his class. I wouldn't say he has been a disappointment at OSU, but he has not had amazing stats. I think you could attribute that to the fact that the offensive weapons on his team year in and year out were absolutely phenomenal.
Ruckert still had some huge moments in big situations. He made a lot of catches in clutch situations during his team's Bowl games. He was one of the best red-zone threats in all of college football for the past 3 years. Ruckert seemed to have a real connection with Justin Field during their time together at Ohio State. It seemed like Fields was always finding him in check-down situations or in the red zone.
Ruckert will most likely be a 3rd or 4th round pick so Ryan Poles will have to opportunity to draft him if he wants to.
Here is a clip of him and Justin Fields showing their connection:
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