These Numbers Show Akiem Hicks Is Dominating The NFL.

Published October 16, 2018 at 12:51

"It probably won't come as a surprise to many Chicago Bears' fans, but Akiem Hicks is destroying the NFL. Highlighted by his forced fumble at the goal line last Sunday, Hicks has come up with big play after big play, not just this season but seasons past. Pro Football Focus currently has him ranked only behind Aaron Donald and Fletcher Cox as part of the best in the NFL. Check out these stats PFF pointed out:"Hicks has established himself as one of the NFL's most dominant interior defensive lineman. A 92.4 overall grade has him sitting behind only Aaron Donald and Fletcher Cox at his position through six weeks. But, what's more impressive is how Hicks has improved his run defense over the course of seven years.
As a result of his domination in the run game, Hicks has the highest run-defense grade (93.7) of all defensive players thus far. His pass-rush has improved, as well. From a rough 2.9 pass-rush productivity rating as a rookie, Hicks has cracked the top-10 in 2018 with a 7.6 pass-rush productivity."Hicks has proven to be worth every penny of the four year $48million contract he signed in 2017.


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