Robbie Gould Comments On Free Agency Plans.

Published February 18, 2019 at 12:38

"The NFL's free agency period is right around the corner and there's one thing a lot of Chicago Bears' fans will be hoping for...The return of Robbie Gould to Chicago. It's been a big topic of conversation over the last couple of weeks and if fans had their pick, Gould would be the man to take over the kicker position in Chicago. San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch has stated publicly that he's trying to keep Gould around however the kickers demands might be too high. Gould on the other hand has openly stated he'd love to end his career in Chicago. While speaking with 670 The Score, Gould stated that his decision will prioritize "family, long term stability and finding a winning a team". The Bears definitely check off all those boxes, especially the winning team part!


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