Report: Nick Foles Blocked Trade To Eagles.

Published June 21, 2021 at 2:22 PM

The quarterback battle in Chicago has been a hot topic, especially since head coach Matt Nagy continues to hammer that there isn't one. Nagy repeats that Andy Dalton will start Week 1 no matter what and there's about a zero percent chance that Justin Fields starts Week 1. While the focus is on Dalton and Fields, the Bears do have another multi million dollar quarterback on the roster. Nick Foles has hardly been mentioned during OTAs and is basically locked in as a third string quarterback, a very expensive third string quarterback. The Bears have been trying to trade Foles, however the market isn't huge and he isn't helping either. According to NFL Insider Tyler Dunne, Foles blocked a deal to Philadelphia which led to the team eventually signing Joe Flacco. "The Bears tried cleansing their hands of the Nick Foles mistake by trading Foles back to Philly. Foles didn't want to go, one source says, so the Eagles refused to trade for a QB who wouldn't report."While the roster is pretty set for this season, sounds like general manager Ryan Pace will definitely have quite the puzzle to figure out regarding Foles

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