Nagy Asks Everybody To Be Patient With Trubisky.

Published October 22, 2019 at 11:15

It's brutal and Chicago Bears' fans for the majority want him thrown out of town. Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky has been disappointing during the 2019 season and fans don't really want to see any more of him. The offense as a whole has been terrible, but everybody is pointing their finger at Trubisky. Head coach Matt Nagy feels it's too much and everybody needs to slow down.«As much as we don't want to hear that with the small sample size or the Year One-and-a-Half in this offense, the growth of this offense needs to be better,» Nagy said. «That position, it always starts there — it always does.»
While Nagy admits there's been a huge difference between training camp Trubisky and regular season Trubisky, everybody still has to calm down. «We need to evaluate how often does that go on,» Nagy said. «So if you have games like this that continue or that go on for a long period of time — [but] that's not where we're at right now with him.»
As Trubisky continues to look very far from a franchise QB, will Ryan Pace admit his mistake or force the Bears to ride out the Trubisky era?

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