Matt Nagy Made The Bears Do Something Really Cool On Saturday.

Published August 7, 2018 at 3:43 PM

New Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy felt the Bears needed to do something important this past Saturday. He adjusted all the schedules so the group could get together and do something a large group of Bears fans were planning on doing as well, sit down and watch Brian Urlacher's Hall of Fame induction speech. Urlacher had a very moving speech and one that not only resonated with Bears fans but players as well. «I may be one of the most competitive people you'll ever know,» Urlacher said Saturday. «I wanted to win every snap, every game. Even though it's not possible. But I didn't just compete against the other person, I competed to be my best. It wasn't merely about the conquest. It was about the challenge. Every moment. Every practice. Every game. Everywhere. I just loved competing. Competition is in my DNA.»
That message is something that Nagy hopes the Bears really take to heart. «That was our message last night to the guys, (to) come out and compete with some live practice today, and they did that,» Nagy said. «The energy was up. It was more of a game-like atmosphere, but they were smart. There were no fights, nothing stupid, they were all doing their assignments. So (Saturday), I thought it was a bit of a step backward. Today I thought we took two steps forward. So we were happy with that.»
What do you think of Nagy's weekend plans?

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