Matt Nagy Gives Update Regarding Kyle Long.

Published August 19, 2019 at 11:58

It was quite the eventful week for Kyle Long.
First he got into a shouting match with Akiem Hicks on the practice field and the two had to be seperated. He followed that up later in the week by ripping Jalen Dalton's helmet off and beating him with it, then went to the sideline and puked before he was eventually asked to leave practice. Long was suspended for Friday's preseason game and wasn't allowed to travel with the team to New York.Head coach Matt Nagy finally gave the media an update on the situation. «I know Kyle is extremely remorseful,» he said. «And now he has got to prove it.»«Big picture-wise, Kyle has done such a great job really since last year when we got here but in particular this past year this OTAs and training camp, man he's been awesome,» Nagy said. «And so you hate to see one day ruin all that.»Nagy added that Long has apologized to Dalton and the whole team for the incident. «In the end, I think that dealing with the person specifically like I did and like we did is how you do it,» he said. «You explain going forward the process. It's not going to happen again, but how we do things. I think all of them are a little bit different. You can't treat everyone the same, every incident the same. It's kind of a feeling.»

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