Matt Nagy Comments On Tarik Cohen/Tyreek Hill Comparisons.

Published March 1, 2018 at 2:34 PM

"There's a lot of hope for Chicago Bears fans when it comes to their new head coach, Matt Nagy, and his expected coaching style.
The Bears will be changing to a more west coast offense, and many have said they have the majority of the tools to pull it off.
One of those tools/weapons without a doubt will be running back Tarik Cohen.
The 22 year old has been heavily compared to Tyreek Cohen, and those comparisons grew even stronger when Nagy was hired.
Nagy was asked about the comparison recently, and while he said it's not fair to the players, he can see why it's being made.
«Well, No. 1, size-wise you see that and you say, ‘OK, they're pretty similar, right?'» Nagy said, via ESPN.com. «And then you have the speed, the shiftiness, the moves, everything that they do. They're similar in the fact that you can move them around and do different things. As you see on tape, the one thing if you go back and look at simple numbers, you're going to see that Cohen can run the ball a little bit more from the backfield. Not that Tyreek can't.»

What do you think of Nagy's comments?"

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