Lori Lightfoot Has Advice For Matt Nagy.

Published April 30, 2020 at 0:37

"Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot isn't shy about being a Bears' fan as she's always got something to say about them. We've heard her call the Bears' out before and even take some shots at quarterback Mitch Trubisky. Now she's got some advice for Bears' head coach Matt Nagy and this time it has to do with the run game. Running back David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen had a bit of a struggle last year and Lightfoot believes the answer is simple. "I would like to see Matt Nagy's play calling be a little less predictable and pedestrian. Running up the gut every time, yeah that's not working so well."
Easier said than done but do you agree with Lightfoot?Montgomery had 889 yards along with six touchdowns last year while Cohen of course known for more of his pass catching skills had his worst rushing season so far in the NFL with only 213 yards and for the first time in three years no rushing touchdowns.


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