Lance Briggs Takes Shots At Nick Foles.

Published November 3, 2020 at 8:11 PM

"The Chicago Bears are currently in a fight for first place in the NFC North, but you'd never think it by the way everybody is talking about them. Everybody has been popping out of the woodwork to take shots at the Bears, Nick Foles and Matt Nagy. The latest is former Bears' linebacker Lance Briggs. Just a couple of weeks after praising Foles, Briggs went off on the Bears' QB. «They dig the hole so deep early on in the game,» Briggs said. «There were bad decisions by Nick Foles. There were some balls dropped by the New Orleans Saints that they should've held onto. They were indefensible in my opinion.
«You've got to be better with the ball you've got to be better with your decisions. As mad as we might be about you taking a sack, sometimes you need to take a sack, or get it out to the sideline. Because of those decisions that were made throughout the game, they were in a hole.»Briggs also made his case to put Mitch Trubisky back in at QB. "Mitch Trubisky can create some space with his feet,» Briggs said. «He can move and create some more first downs. Nick doesn't have that ability. One of the things for him is, I've got to use my brain and my smarts, and when I turn to this third and this fourth read, I have to be able to pull the trigger even if it's a smaller window. But I have to pull the trigger because this is how I can affect the game.»What do you think of Briggs' comments?"

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