Khalil Mack Doesn't Want To Wait, Wants Super Bowl This Year.

Published July 31, 2019 at 1:36 PM

After helping lead the Chicago Bears to the playoffs last year, linebacker Khalil Mack knows the Super Bowl window is getting smaller. Mack told reporters that he feels a huge sense of urgency to win now while he's one of the elite players in the league. The Bears locker room leader says he was warned about how small the window to win is by former Raiders teammate Charles Woodson. "You're running out of time, man," he told reporters. "All these older dudes let us know at an early point in my career, man, we ain't got no time to waste."
Last year was only Mack's second appearance in the playoffs and he's yet to win a playoff game and even though he's just 28, he feels his window is closing. "Absolutely," he said. "You've gotta win. Gotta win now." Training camp has given Mack plenty of optimism as he sees his teammates working hard. "That's what it's all about," he told reporters. "This game is all about making everybody around you great, not so much about making myself great."

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