Jordan Howard Guarantees A Return To The Postseason

Published February 27, 2018 at 12:32

"Optimism is high surrounding the Chicago Bears. The team has a young quarterback with a high ceiling and bright future who is being led by a creative and offensive minded coaching staff. Even though the team has had just eight wins over the last two years, both fans and players alike are excited to leave the John Fox era behind us.
Running back Jordan Howard is one of those players who is excited with the direction of the team as he told the crew of the NFL Network's Good Morning Football on Monday.
"The Bears are definitely going to have a winning season. We're going to get to the playoffs. So, I guarantee we get to the playoffs," Howard said.
This is page out of the Alshon Jeffery playbook who told reporters last January that «they would win the Super Bowl» only to go on to the Philadelphia Eagles and help them win a championship. Howard cited their competitiveness within the NFC North to back up his statement.
"Football is football. We can compete with anybody," Howard said. "We showed that in a lot of games last year. The Vikings, the first game they beat us by three points. The Lions beat us by three points. The Packers, we struggled with the first game; the second game we almost beat them. We can compete with anybody in the NFL. You've always got to be confident. If you're playing the game, you might as well be confident. If you're not confident there's no reason to play."
Do you share in Jordan Howard confidence?"

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