Jeopardy Takes Shots At The Detroit Lions!

Published November 27, 2018 at 6:11 PM

The Chicago Bears struggled the last couple of years but things are coming together. It's been a couple of dark years for Bears' fans, however it's nothing compared to the Detroit Lions. The Bears made the Super Bowl back in 2006, even though they lost it was still an entertaining run to watch, the Lions on the other hand haven't had any playoff success at all. The Lions haven't won a playoff game since 1991 when they beat the Dallas Cowboys and haven't won a championship since 1957 and the popular quiz TV show "Jeopardy" took a nice little shot at them. The category was predicting things that would happen before 2030 and one of the questions was "As of 2018 This NFC North team had never even made the Super Bowl, much less won it, but by 2030? Gotta happen, right?"The answer? The Detroit Lions.Boom, roasted!

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