Four Time Pro-Bowler Calls Out Bears For How They Misused Tarik Cohen.

Published January 30, 2018 at 2:57 PM

There was a lot of decisions during the Chicago Bears 2017 season that raised some questions. The use of rookie running back Tarik Cohen was one of them. While Cohen did provide plenty of highlight reel plays throughout the season, he definitely could have been used on a more consistent basis. When drafted, he was compared by many to running back Darren Sproles because of his speed, agility and talent for making big athletic plays. Sproles himself spoke about Cohen during the opening night of media availability, and he wasn't too impressed with how the Bears used Cohen. "I think they have to put him in space a little bit more though. Like they've really got to move him around, create mismatches for him" Sproles said "I think with the new coach (Matt Nagy) though, I think they might use him a little bit different, move him around. They should watch New Orleans film. Watch some of that film. They've got to put him in spots like they did with Alvin Kamara."It's a very interesting comment, especially the mention of Alvin Kamara who will probably be the offensive rookie of the year. Do you think if used properly, Cohen could have a Kamara like season while Jordan Howard enjoys success too?

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