Former Bears' Coach Calls Smith's Holdout "Pretty Selfish".

Published July 27, 2018 at 2:36 PM

As the Chicago Bears continue their training camp, Bears rookie Roquan Smith continues his holdout. Fans are pretty divided on the holdout, some totally understand where Smith is coming from, while others feel he has no right to do so being a rookie. Former Bears coach Dave Wannstedt belongs to that second group. «It really doesn't make much sense,» Wannstedt told reporters at Bears training camp. «The way [salaries] are slotted now … for a rookie to hold out because of some fine print, it's pretty selfish from an agent standpoint to do that. This kid needs to be here. He needs to be practicing. These are valuable days. They play a preseason game a week from now. And you do not get these days back."
He's not too happy with Smith's agent either. «You would think that an agent would be smart enough to understand that. At some point the player's got to understand that, ‘This guy works for me. I'm not working for the agent.' And you've got to stand up and say, ‘The contact's fair. I need to get in practice and help this football team.'»
What do you think of the former coach's comments?

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