Former Bear Erik Kramer's Wife Believes He's Going To Kill Her.

Published June 18, 2018 at 3:34 PM

"Former Chicago Bear Erik Kramer's life has been full of turmoil over the last couple of years and it continues to get worse.
According to TMZ Sports, Kramer's wife, Cortney Baird, told police that she now fears for her life after Kramer threw a bunch of household objects at her during a recent altercation.
The former Bears' quarterback was arrested on domestic violence charges and released the next day.
Baird has been granted a restraining order against Kramer and has been told to stay away from Baird and their daughter.
She's also filed for divorce.
Kramer attempted suicide back in 2016 by shooting himself but ended up missing, resulting in non fatal injuries to his chin.
Since his playing days, Kramer has struggled with certain events in his life, most notably his son passing away and his mother. "

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