Former Bear Calls Out Josh Bellamy On Twitter.

Published December 2, 2017 at 1:16 PM

"If you didn't think the Josh Bellamy story from this week was strange, well it definitely just got stranger. Of course, earlier this week Bellamy got into a heated exchange with Tre McBride, which eventually led to McBride being cut by the Bears on Tuesday. Bellamy downplayed the argument when asked about it later in the week, saying it was just "brothers getting into it" and it was blown out of proportion. When asked if he felt bad to see McBride get cut, he said "I don't feel bad for nothing".While we might not know the exact details of the argument, one former Bears player called out Bellamy on Twitter during the week while quote Tweeting a Tweet that featured the Bellamy-McBride story. Philadelphia Eagles safety and former Bear Harold Jones-Quartey chimed in claiming that Bellamy is a guy who direct messages teammates girlfriends behind their back. "Good teammates don't dive in others teammates girlfriend dms"Jones-Quartey didn't offer any further details besides Tweeting "Sometimes you gotta expose a lame".


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