First Set Of Odds For The Bears To Win The 2021 Super Bowl.

Published February 3, 2020 at 1:16 PM

"After last night's Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs are champs and we now move on to the 2020 season.
NFL free agency opens up on March 18 and we look forward to seeing what general manager Ryan Pace can do with limited cap space or who picks up at the 2020 NFL Draft.
Before he can do any of that, we've got an early look at every team's odds to become 2021 Super Bowl champions.
At the top of the list sit the Kansas City Chiefs at 6-1 followed by the Baltimore Ravens 7-1, San Francisco 49ers 8-1, New Orleans Saints 11-1 and New England Patriots at 14-1.
The Chicago Bears aren't sitting as bad as you would expect landing 30-1 odds tied with the Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans, Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers.
Not bad considering that three of those teams were just in the playoffs and it places the Bears with the 10th best odds.
Here's a look at all the odds courtesy of Caesars:
Chiefs 6-1
Ravens 7-1
49ers 8-1
Saints 11-1
Patriots 14-1
Steelers 15-1
Packers 18-1
Cowboys 18-1
Seahawks 22-1
Eagles 25-1
Rams 25-1
Browns 25-1
Vikings 25-1
Chargers 30-1
Raiders 30-1
Texans 30-1
Titans 30-1
Bills 30-1
Bears 30-1
Colts 35-1
Falcons 40-1
Buccaneers 50-1
Cardinals 60-1
Jets 60-1
Jaguars 75-1
Broncos 75-1
Dolphins 100-1
Giants 100-1
Lions 100-1
Panthers 100-1
Redskins 200-1
Bengals 200-1"

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