Donald Trump expresses his views plainly on Travis Kelce and his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Published February 22, 2024 at 11:44

When it comes to addressing mainstream topics involving celebrities and sports, few are as outspoken as former President Donald Trump.

In a recent instance, Trump made headlines by issuing a public appeal to Taylor Swift, urging her not to endorse President Joe Biden in the 2024 White House race. While many anticipated Swift's endorsement following the Kansas City Chiefs' appearance in Super Bowl LVIII, only one part of that scenario unfolded as expected.

Trump notably referenced the Music Modernization Act, a piece of legislation he signed into law during his presidency, which addressed copyright and streaming rights in the music industry. He asserted that Biden had done nothing for Swift and implied that endorsing him would be disloyal to the financial gains she achieved under Trump's administration.

Additionally, Trump expressed admiration for Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, acknowledging their differing political stances but indicating a personal affinity nonetheless. While Kelce has faced criticism from some conservative circles, he has largely refrained from public political commentary.

On the other hand, Swift has been vocal in her support of Democratic candidates, endorsing Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris during the 2020 presidential election. She has also been openly critical of Trump and Republican lawmakers, expressing regret for not participating more actively in the 2016 election.

As of now, Swift has not disclosed any endorsement for the 2024 presidential election, leaving speculation about her potential involvement in the political sphere.
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Donald Trump expresses his views plainly on Travis Kelce and his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

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