Could Bears Trade For Tua Tagovailoa This Offseason?

Published January 5, 2021 at 7:11 PM

The Chicago Bears have snuck into the playoffs so everybody will put their trust into quarterback Mitch Trubisky for at least one more game. However if the Bears lose, there's always a huge possibility that they cut ties with the young quarterback and look elsewhere. It's the same thing the Miami Dolphins might do now that they hold the #3 pick overall. It's not a ludicrous idea as it's exactly what the Arizona Cardinals did a couple of years ago when they moved on from #10 pick overall Josh Rosen and went with Kyler Murray. While it's pretty clear that Tua is better than Rosen, it doesn't mean that the Dolphins aren't ready to move on. According to Mike Sando of The Athletic, it's a real possibility. "The team that is really intriguing is Miami at #3" Sando quoted an evaluator "I think part of why they played Tua this year was to groom him, but also to evaluate him. It is not a foregone conclusion he's their guy. If they think there is a franchise guy better than Tua, why wouldn't you take him at this point? Somebody would come after Tua." According to Erik Lambert of SportsMockery, it wouldn't cost much to land him either. "This is where a Tua Tagovailoa Bears trade idea can make so much sense. The price tag isn't likely to be high in terms of compensation. Miami won't be able to demand a 1st round pick given how the rookie performed of late. Chicago could secure him for a 2nd rounder and change. More important is the contract. Tagovailoa carries just a $6.88 million cap hit in 2021. He has three years left on his rookie deal which is highly manageable for a cash-strapped team like the Bears."Would you make that trade to bring in Tua?

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