Chicago Bears 2020 Opponents Now 100% Confirmed.

Published December 23, 2019 at 12:34

"The Chicago Bears took an absolute beating at the hand of the Kansas City Chiefs last night and it's definitely time to look forward to next season. The Bears currently sit with a 7-8 record and have locked up third place in the NFC North. We had a pretty good idea of who the Chicago Bears' 2020 opponents would be with the exception of one final home game. With the New York Giants 41-35 win over the Washington Redskins yesterday, the Bears' 2020 schedule is now 100% confirmed. Road games: Titans, Jaguars, Panthers, Falcons, Rams
Home games: Saints, Bucs, Texans, Colts, Giants

Not the easiest schedule in the world, especially if Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace don't make any adjustments for next season.


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