BREAKING Bears DE Accused Of Assault.

Published December 15, 2020 at 3:11 PM

"Just a couple of days after the big Chicago Bears win, a bit of a black cloud over the Bears on Tuesday morning. One Bears' defensive end is in a bit of legal trouble. TMZ reports that North Carolina prosecutors filed assault charges against Mario Edwards Jr in relation to an alleged incident that took place on October 17. It appears to be an accusation of assault in a hotel room on a woman. "In the docs, the woman claims Edwards got violent with her in a North Carolina hotel room on October 17, 2020 (the day before the Bears played the Carolina Panthers). She says Edwards got aggressive when she turned down his sexual advances that night.
The woman claims she took out her phone to record Edwards yelling at her -- and he reacted by smacking her in the eye with his hand.
Then, she claims, Edwards grabbed her by the arm and "dragged her to the door of the hotel room."
The woman claims Edwards continued his attack down the hotel hall by an elevator where he struck her in her arm.
In court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, the woman claims she was hospitalized for injuries sustained during the alleged attack. She also says she was pregnant at the time of the incident.
The woman claims this was not a one-off -- insisting Edwards has a history of violent outbursts with her."
Edwards is denying everything and says he's the one who's actually the victim and he might be right. TMZ's story also reveals that they obtained the police report from that night where Edwards is listed as the victim. Check out the full story here:


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