Brandon Marshall Reveals Story About How Jay Cutler Saved Him.

Published April 24, 2020 at 0:15

"I guess you can't really be surprised but former Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall has found himself in the news twice this week.
The first time was when he told the world that the New Orleans Saints were done and their window had closed.
Saints head coach Sean Payton responded to that with a nice little Tweet.
This time Marshall is in the news for a bit more of a positive reason.
Marshall revealed a story about how former teammate Jay Cutler helped get him out of some serious trouble.
On the I AM ATHLETE podcast, Marshall told a story about how Cutler got him out of a gambling debt.
Marshall was in the hole for around $60k in Vegas and Cutler came through with the money.
"I call Jay. He's like this is what we're gonna do, you're gonna sign a paper. You owe me. Soon as I landed, he had that $60,000 check."

Pretty cool interview, check out the whole thing below:


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