Bears Could Have The Steal Of The Undrafted Rookie Class.

Published May 9, 2019 at 1:38 PM

The Chicago Bears added a bunch of weapons for Matt Nagy's offense this offseason and things are looking good. They added some great talent during the NFL Draft however one of their biggest steals might be an undrafted free agent. Chicago Bears wide receiver coach Mike Furrey had a lot to do with bringing in undrafted free agent Emanuel Hall and Hall says Furrey was the main reason he chose Chicago. «I had a ton of opportunities but coach Mike Furrey, he's the best of the best,» Hall said according to The Athletic. «I think we connected real well through my visits. I trust this coaching staff. I trust the culture that's going on here. It's a winning program and I love that. I'm just ready to embrace it. I'm just ready to soak in all that this program has to offer. Man, I'm just ready for the road to prove myself.»
Head coach Matt Nagy was extremely impressed by how Hall reacted to not being drafted and ended up choosing the Bears' after an emotional couple of days. «It speaks to, first of all, to him as a player being able to recognize that because sometimes when those guys are in that situation at the end of the draft, they're really frustrated, they're emotional and they don't get drafted, they thought they should have,» Nagy said. «And then money becomes the No. 1 priority for them, and sometimes that can come back and get them. I was really proud of Emanuel to be able to make a good decision of going to where he wanted to go to. And so we had good talks with him and we let him know what we think of him not only as a player but as a person, and that he's going to get a chance.»

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