Ryan Poles Elaborates on Why He Admires the Bears' 2023 Schedule

Published May 13, 2023 at 12:41

The NFL finally shared the schedule for the 2023 season's games, and for some reason, fans, including me, get really excited about this. It's interesting to see the Chicago Bears, who are currently rebuilding their team and might be close to being good enough for the playoffs, compete against teams from the NFC South and the AFC West.

The Bears' 2023 schedule is now out and it's exciting! There are four primetime games and a bunch of interesting matches, promising an exciting season. The Bears' General Manager, Ryan Poles, talked about a lot of things on ESPN 100, including how to build a good team, thoughts about Soldier Fields, and concerns about the pass rusher.

When they talked about the new schedule, Poles said he really liked it. But his reason might be different from what fans think. While fans might be upset or annoyed, Poles felt happy.

During the talk on ESPN 100, Poles spoke about the new schedule and why he liked it. He knows that the Bears' team is young and not very experienced. So, having them play on national TV against tough teams like the Chargers, Commanders, and Vikings could help them learn how to handle pressure.

Ryan Poles wants to see how his players do when lots of people are watching. Playing a game at noon on Sunday is okay, but the real test is playing at night when everyone is watching. Last season, the Bears played in three primetime games and won one of them. They did well against the Patriots in New England, but lost to Washington and Green Bay. This year might be different because they've added new players to the team, making them stronger and better.

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Ryan Poles Elaborates on Why He Admires the Bears' 2023 Schedule

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