D.J. Moore Excited to Join Bears and Play Alongside Justin Fields ''It's Going to Be Real Special''

Published March 17, 2023 at 10:47 PM

On Wednesday, D.J. Moore officially became a member of the Chicago Bears after the team's trade with the Carolina Panthers for the No. 1 overall pick was finalized.

Though the specifics of the draft-pick aspect of the trade are still unknown, it's clear that the addition of Moore is a major boost for the Bears. With Moore now on board as a legitimate No. 1 target, he will play a crucial role in helping Justin Fields and the revamped Chicago offense find success.

"It's going to be real special," Moore told the team's official website. "I'm glad to be a part of the groundwork that's being laid. And to just build that foundation of winning, it's going to be something special."

The inclusion of Moore in the trade was essential for the Bears as it is doubtful that general manager Ryan Poles would have been willing to trade all the way down to the No. 9 pick without acquiring a valuable asset like Moore.

"It makes me feel special," the receiver said. "When a team does that -- they just want one specific player -- that means a lot. It hit home that I'm really welcome here."

The addition of Moore has completely transformed the Chicago Bears' passing game. His skills to succeed at short, intermediate, and long distances force the defense to focus on him, making things easier for the rest of the receivers. Mooney, who often faced tougher coverage last season, can now excel against the secondary options. Claypool can also utilize his speed on the outside as a deep threat. Fields, who had to work with one of the weakest receiver groups in the league last year, can now develop with a talented and diverse set of targets.

"I'm excited to add a guy like DJ to our offense," Fields said. "He's proven he can be an explosive playmaker in this league, and I look forward to getting to work with him and the rest of our receivers so we can take the next step as an offense. I've gotten to know him a little bit and I know he's ready to put the work in to help our team win. I can't wait to get our whole group on the field together and see how we can put it all together."
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