Cole Kmet Stands Up for Claypool.

Published September 16, 2023 at 9:11

During Sunday's clash with the Packers, Chase Claypool's performance was unquestionably underwhelming. He faltered on blocks, showed a lack of zeal, and failed to contribute anything noteworthy to the offense. Given that the Bears sacrificed the No. 32 pick in the last NFL draft to bring him onboard, the results were far from satisfactory.

However, the Bears are far from writing him off, and his Notre Dame comrade is amongst his defenders.

"Cole Kmet remarked on ESPN 1000, "His zeal sometimes overshadows him, but he's aware of his responsibilities. He's as frustrated as anyone. There's no one more eager to secure a win than Chase. He's been grappling with some issues from last week, but he's geared up to bounce back in the next game."

The coaching staff is acutely aware of Claypool's lapse in commitment. They've had a heart-to-heart about his recent display. While Claypool has refrained from addressing the media prior to the Buccaneers match-up, his teammates and mentors are firmly behind him.

There's a noticeable uptick in Claypool's vigor during this week's practices, as reported by the coaches. The hope is that he will exhibit a complete turnaround in enthusiasm come the next game.

Tolbert shared on Thursday at Halas Hall about Claypool's struggle, "Ultimately, every player, especially those in the NFL's wide receiver position, wants to be a vital asset to their team's victory. When they sense they're falling short in that role, frustration sets in. Claypool felt that he wasn't measuring up in the last game, leading to his overall discontent. Our collective success hinges on the involvement and commitment of all our players."
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Cole Kmet Stands Up for Claypool.

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