Bears Scouts' Frustration with Ryan Poles Prior to the Draft

Published May 24, 2023 at 9:17

Ryan Poles Empowers Scouts in Draft Process

Ryan Poles, the Chicago Bears' General Manager, prefers a collaborative approach. He aims to give his scouts more of an impact in the draft process, allowing their voices to be heard in shaping the roster.

By doing so, Poles can focus on specific players when his entire team shares the same opinion. This strategy promotes unity and togetherness within the front office but led to a minor issue before the 2023 draft.

The Story of 4th Round Pick Roschon Johnson

An episode of the Bears Youtube channel's series, 1920 Football Drive, highlighted the events leading up to the draft, focusing on 4th round pick Roschon Johnson.

The Texas running back was a favorite among the scouting department, who praised his talent and character. Poles heard about Johnson's potential repeatedly from various scouts.

Deciding to tease his scouts, Poles quickly realized they were serious about Johnson. To them, Johnson had the versatile skill set they desired in a player—capable of being a runner, receiver, and pass protector.

Moreover, Joe Syty mentioned Johnson's "it" factor, citing his unparalleled work ethic and natural leadership. Although Bijan Robinson was the starting running back at Texas, Johnson was recognized as the one who commanded the running back room.

Expectations for Roschon Johnson and the Bears

Many people familiar with Johnson predict that he will become the Bears' leading back by the end of 2023. If this comes to fruition, Poles will have his scouting department to thank for their persistent advocacy for Johnson.

This collaborative approach has proven successful in the past, as Poles let his scouts lead on Day 3 of the draft, securing Braxton Jones at left tackle the previous year.

Moving forward, Poles may continue with this strategy but perhaps he can skip the teasing this time.

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Bears Scouts' Frustration with Ryan Poles Prior to the Draft

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