Where The Bears Will Probably Pick At The 2018 Draft.

Published December 27, 2017 at 3:47 PM

Week 17 in the NFL will settle where exactly the Chicago Bears will be drafting for the 2018 NFL Draft. As it stands right now, the team will be selecting anywhere between sixth and 12th, if the season were over today, they would pick at ninth overall thanks to three other teams also sitting with a 5-10 record. Teams with the same record will have the draft position chosen by strength of schedule with the team with the easier schedule strength getting the better pick. The Bears won't likely improve on their draft position thanks to a matchup with the 12 win Vikings, so fans will have to root for the Broncos, Jets and 49ers all to win this weekend. If those three teams win and the Bears lose, the team would get the sixth pick. Unfortunately for the Bears it looks like they would lose on any side of a tiebreaker according to Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune. Campbell put together a very detailed article of all the possible scenarios that would work in the Bears favour or against it, and there's a lot of them. It can get complicated as a loss or a win for the 49ers could both help the Bears in two different scenarios. You'd think after missing the playoffs for seven straight seasons, the team could at least get more top three picks.

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