Walter Payton introduced in the NFHS Hall of Fame

Vince Carbonneau
March 26, 2022  (2:09 PM)

The greatest Bear ever, Walter Payton has received another award. He will be inducted into the National Federation of State High School Associations Hall of Fame as a member of it's 2022 class.

The National High School Hall of Fame was founded in 1982 by the National Federation of State High School Associations to honor high school athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and others.
Sports was not the most important thing in his early life. In fact, when he started high school, Payton played drums in the marching band and sang in the school choir. Outside of school, he also played drums in jazz-rock groups. His brother Eddie was on the football team, and Payton did not play with him in order to avoid competing with him. After Eddie graduated, the coach asked Walter to try out for the team, and he agreed on the condition that he be allowed to continue playing in the band and choir.
Payton was a multi-sport star during his high school career at John J. Jefferson High School in Columbia, Mississippi. He was a dominant football player. Most people believe he is the greatest high school player ever in the state of Mississippi. In addition to excelling at football, Payton averaged 18 points a game for Columbia's basketball team, leaped almost 23 feet in the long jump, and even played baseball.
Payton decided to stay in-state and play college football at Jackson State. He was also very successful there.
The rest is history, Payton was spectacular from day one with the Bears. He brought so many great memories for all of Bears nation. He embodied what it meant to truly be a Bear. He was the youngest player to ever win NFL MVP. Payton rewrote the NFL record books. Still to this day, 35 years after his retirement, Payton is top five in rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, and rushing attempts. The most prestigious award in all of football, the NFL's Man of the Year award is named after him.
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