The Bears have signed their first draft pick!

Vince Carbonneau
June 25, 2022  (10:10)

Daniel Greenberg reported that the Chicago Bears have officially signed rookie Kyler Gordon.

This is great news. I know that signing a draft pick is now the most exciting news ever but it's still good to finally put a deal to paper. We see holdouts from rookies more frequently nowadays. The best example is the Bears LB Roquan Smith who held out for a long time and missed a good part of his rookie season training camp. This is never a good sign and it can put the development of the young player on hold.
Well, we won't have to worry about that for Gordon since he is now officially signed!
Gordon was clearly one of the best value picks in the second round of the draft. Gordon was projected by over 50% of the experts to be a first-round pick. It was great to see him still available at pick 39.
Bears area scout Francis St. Paul feels that one of Gordon's greatest attributes as a player is his fluid movement skills.
"He's an elite mover," St. Paul said. "His change of direction. His feet. Ball skills. Those are some of the [things] that stuck out."

"This is a guy, when you speak with him, you'll see he's very calm," St. Paul said. "Corners, you've got to forget about the last play, because you will get beat. And he's one of the guys, that if he gets beat, it didn't bother him at all and he came back and competed for more on the next play."

I like this assessment of Gordon and I have to agree with him. I think the mindset aspect is very key. For a cornerback, so much plays in the head. All great cornerbacks in NFL history all have a great mindset and, hopefully, Gordon follows suit!
Here is analyst Lance Zierlein's description of Gordon:
"Cornerback who comes with an elite, high-performance engine but a GPS still in the process of loading. Gordon's dynamic athletic qualities will show up in testing, but more importantly, they are all over his tape. His blend of play strength and explosive burst affects the passing game from press, off-man and zone coverages. He plays with an alpha demeanor and hitting is definitely part of his overall package. Gordon lacks polish and needs to play with better route recognition and anticipation, but if those elements click, his ball production could be near the top of the league as one of the top playmakers in the game."
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