SEE HERE: Tom Brady Spotted with Mac Jones in Viral Post

Published July 6, 2023 at 12:37

After singing with the Buccaneers, then retiring from football, the New England Patriots lost their GOAT QB, Tom Brady. The Pats bounced around a couple of different QBs, but now it seems like they are sticking with their former 1st round pick, Mac Jones. The two have never been seen together, until former safety Devin McCourty posted a picture on his Instagram:

This picture went viral the moment it was posted, as Patriots fans could not believe their eyes. They were finally seeing the GOAT interact with the new QB, someone they are hoping will bring in a couple of Super Bowls, like Brady.

This post sparked conversations between NFL viewers, with Pats fans sharing their hopes about what the two spoke about. Maybe Brady was giving the kid some tips, something every young QB would appreciate. To be mentored by Brady can be helpful when it comes to, financial reasons, leadership, and playing style. He is the GOAT, so any advice he can give is worth it.

Jones, who is entering his 3rd year in the NFL, is faced with a lot of pressure entering the season. After leading his Pats team to a disappointing record in the past 2 seasons, this season is a make it or break it season for Jones, which is why advice from Brady is extremely beneficial.
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SEE HERE: Tom Brady Spotted with Mac Jones in Viral Post

will jones win a super bowl with the patriots?

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