Report: Two NFC Teams Targeting Mitch Trubisky.

Published January 29, 2021 at 4:57 PM

"The Chicago Bears have a big problem at QB this offseason and if they don't get it together they could end up in a worse position than they've been in. There's going to be lots of QBs available and lots of landing spots for a game of musical chairs that hopefully the Bears won't be on the outside looking in. What makes it worse is that it seems Mitch Trubisky will have a couple of offers on the table. According to reports, Trubisky is expected to be targeted by the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers. There's been chatter that the Falcons might try and move on from Matt Ryan while the Panthers are set on giving Teddy Bridgewater some competition in camp to start the year. Many have speculated that if Trubisky finds a good landing spot with coaches who will use his strengths he'll look better than he has under Matt Nagy.


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