NFL Analyst Reveals The Two Simple Things Bears' Need To Happen.

Published March 31, 2020 at 7:59 PM

"After winning the NFC North, things simply fell apart for the Chicago Bears this past season. While they didn't exactly hit rock bottom, they had a strong regression that saw them miss out on the playoffs. All is not lost though, the defense has gotten better on paper and the offense just needs to execute better and the division could be there. That's exactly what Max Markham believes. "A healthy Akiem Hicks takes the Chicago Bears defense from Top 10 to Top 5.
A half-competent offense that doesn't go 3 & Out 90% of drives, makes the defense best in the NFL and the Bears instant NFCN champions."It's true, a healthy Hicks, a full focused and healthy Roquan Smith along with the addition of Robert Quinn and the defense should be rock solid. If Nick Foles takes over and can move the ball giving the defense some rest, the team can register some W's.


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