Experts evaluating GM Ryan Poles' off-season

Vince Carbonneau
July 24, 2022  (6:33 PM)

GM Ryan Poles has been under a lot of scrutiny ever since he took to the job as general manager of the Chicago Bears.

However, some experts are not necessarily liking the job he has done so far...
"New general manager Ryan Poles inherited an ugly situation in Chicago and has done what he can to set the team on the right track in his first offseason," PFF's Sam Monson explained. "The only issue is that very little of that has had an immediate impact on the short-term prospects of quarterback Justin Fields, who flashed big talent as a rookie but has pass protection and a receiving corps that rank among the league's worst on paper."

Peter King said this:
"I ranked the Lions over the Bears," King said. "Feels like the first time that's been possible since Joe Schmidt roamed the middle of the field."

On the positive side, ESPN's Bill Barnwell ranked the Bears' offseason in the 23rd spot. O guess you could say it's positive because 9 teams are ranked below them.
Under what went right, Barnwell praised the commitment to clearing cap space for the future but acknowledged what is to come this year.
"The short term isn't exactly going to be exciting for fans, but Chicago should be able to start meaningful retooling next season when it could have close to $100 million in cap space," Barnwell wrote.

But, on the flip side, he criticized Poles for not spending at least some money for a better offensive line and signing players like Dakota Dozier because they are " of the worst units in football this season."
I'm not trying to sound delusional by saying they are all idiots. However, I think you have to give Poles credit for what currently looks like a very solid draft. I feel like he was able to select a lot of good players that could be starters for years to come. Also, as for free agency, he was strapped due to poor management of the salary cap made by the former general manager.
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