Chase Claypool with one of the most ridiculous take you will ever hear

Vince Carbonneau
June 20, 2022  (4:32 PM)

The Pittsburgh Steelers are entering a new era in 2022 without Ben Roethlisberger, but they hope Mitchell Trubisky and Kenny Pickett will be able to make a successful transition under center with the weapons Pittsburgh has placed around them. The Steelers have a rising star in the backfield in Najee Harris and also added a couple of intriguing receivers in the draft, but the No. 1 wideout on the outside will be Chase Claypool.

Chase Claypool made an appearance on the latest episode of the I Am Athlete podcast and told hosts Brandon Marshall, LeSean McCoy, and Adam «Pacman» Jones just how confident he is in his ability.
«I'm going to say, my second year, I was a better player than I was my first year,» Claypool said. «The plays just didn't work out, right? Some of the plays just didn't go my way. I didn't make some plays I need to make. But as a football player, understanding the game, knowing what to do, knowing where to be, I was better. So I'm going to be better this year.

«And just like you said, understanding I'm not normal — I feel that way when I'm on the field. I know for a fact I am not like the rest of the guys in the NFL. I know I'm a top-five receiver. I know I'm a top-three receiver.»

Claypool went on to say that he feels that way in large part because of how he's able to execute when he's on the field.
«When I'm working, I'm like, ‘I'm a dog.' I'm gonna dog people that are lining up across from me, too,» Claypool said. «And I've just got to bring that confidence and I've got to bring that spirit and I've just got to show people. And it's going to happen. And we're going to rewind this and we're going to see this clip in a little bit and they're going to be like, ‘Damn, he was right.'»

While Claypool has displayed plenty of ability in his first two seasons, this is just ridiculous. He caught 62 passes for 873 yards with nine touchdowns as a rookie. But he only had a pair of TDs in 2021, catching 59 passes for 860 yards.
I get that you have to be confident in your own ability, but that's not the way to go. You could say that you believe you are one of the best receivers in the league and no one would raise an eyebrow. However, when you put a number as far as top 10/5/3, this is when you get into dangerous territory.
You can't say you are inside the top 3 in the league when we have guys like Justin Jefferson, Cooper Kupp, Devante Adams and Deebo Samuel in the league...
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