Matt Eberflus once again embracing Bears' alumni

Vince Carbonneau
June 20, 2022  (4:13 PM)

It has been a growing them inside the Bears' organization this year to reach out to former players so they can come to visit the Bears during practices and meetings. I think this is such a great initiative by the new coaching staff. Those players have so much knowledge of what it takes to be successful in Chicago and I am certain they are able to reach the players from a different perspective than the coaches.

Albert Breer reported on the subject:
The coach spent time reaching out to more than 30 alumni after being hired to try to involve them, and that work is already bringing results. Legends of the '85 bears, Richard dent and Gary fence, spoke with the team in the spring, 2000s icon Peanut Tillman addressed the rookies at their first meeting in the facility, and the idea here is that all of it will have more than just sentimental value. «those guys, they laid the foundation for how to play, how the bears should play,» Eberflus told me Friday. «and we're embracing that.»

It has always been odd why previous head coaches haven't taken advantage of the Bears' rich tradition. So many great players have come through their doors. Several have said time and again they're more than ready to lend their knowledge to help the organization win. Yet, for whatever reason, each new regime brushes the idea off. For the new head coach to pull a 180 and embrace the idea is not insignificant.
Matt Eberflus isn't doing this purely out of nostalgia, either. A wise coach would view Bears alumni as a resource. Something they can use to help make the current generation of players better. Here's a bunch of guys that reached the very top of the NFL. Maybe they have some tips to offer on how to get there. If certain players are smart enough to listen, that will only help the Bears.
-Erik Lambert
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