Brian Urlacher Being Sued For $125million By His Ex-Wife.

Published January 18, 2018 at 2:47 PM

"As Chicago Bears legend Brian Urlacher patiently waits for the news to see if he'll be selected to the Hall Of Fame, the former Bears player made news for another reason this week. In a completely crazy story, Urlacher is being sued by the mother of his 12 year old son for $125million. The lawsuit claims that Urlacher conspired with his attorneys and a news reporter to paint her as a murderer. The woman is of course Tyna Karageorge, who later married Ryan Karageorge, who died from a gunshot to the head in December of 2016.After the incident Tyna told police she had been arguing with Ryan and on the same night, Ryan eventually grabbed a gun from her purse and shot himself. She claims Urlacher, his lawyers and a Chicago Tribune reporter used the incident to paint Tyna as a murderer hoping that Urlacher would get full custody of their son. She wants $25million in compensatory damages and another $100million in punitive damages. TMZ had made multiple attempts to speak to someone from Urlacher's team however did not receive any answer. This is just a crazy story!


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