Bears Make Changes To Strength And Conditioning Staff.

Published January 17, 2018 at 1:35 PM

"It's been a continuous theme with the Chicago Bears over the last three seasons, as once again the team was devastated by a slew of injuries. The team placed 16 players on injured reserve this season after having 21 players on injured reserve in 2016. As a result the team has decided to let go of strength and conditioning coach Jason George along with assistant strength coach Rick Perry. «It's something that's occurred three consecutive years and something we've looked at closely,» Pace said. «We did a lot to address it last year, whether schedule changes, tracking data, a lot of tweaks. But it wasn't enough. With parity in our league, injuries play a big factor in our results. It's something we have to get on top of and that's my job.
«There's going to be studies into why are these teams the healthiest, why are these teams not, and are there some commonalties? But we have to get that fixed because it's affecting our results.»It's a move that was long overdue with injuries ravishing both sides of the ball over the last two seasons.

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