Jordan Howard Excited About New Coaches.

Published January 15, 2018 at 2:58 PM

During John Fox's final couple of months with the Chicago Bears, at times it seemed like things were getting dark. However with Fox and most of his coaches gone, there seems to be a breath of fresh air throughout the organization. New head coach Matt Nagy has put together the majority of his staff and it seems to be at first glance, exactly what the Bears need. The team's running back is all in with the new coaching staff and is pretty excited. «New coaching staff, I'm definitely excited about that; see what they're going to do differently,» Howard told Inc. «It's still going to take getting used to. … I'm just hoping to learn something new. Every year I have a new running back coach since college. I think I know a lot but every coach they always teach me something I don't know.«
It's incredible to think that Howard has been so successful with a new runnings back coach every year, not every player would thrive from a lack of continuity. «I don't feel like it messes anything up,» he said. «The NFL, it's a lot of change going on, but you never know what's going to happen from week to week, year to year. … It also helps me, helps me learn new ideas.»
As for Nagy, Howard is happy to have a young coach around. «I haven't met him so I can't make a judgment of him yet. I'm pretty sure he's a fiery young guy, a fiery coach who's ready to get us on the right path,» he said.

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