Brandon Marshall's Plan Is To Make The Hall Of Fame.

Published December 30, 2017 at 12:26

Former Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall is no stranger to making questionable statements. The latest however, has some Bears fans face palming at the comment. Currently a member of the New York Giants, Marshall has been injured since mid-October unable to play due to an ankle injury. Despite the health issues in recent years, Marshall is committed to a strong season in 2018 and wants to play two more seasons. While he can probably accomplish that, he also wants to make those two final seasons so spectacular that he'll be inducted into the NFL Hall Of Fame when he retires. Marshall currently has 959 career receptions, 12215 yards and 82 touchdowns. He also mentioned that he plans to come back so strong next season that the NFL will have no choice but to test him for steroids or HGH. Despite the large claims, even when healthy this season Marshall was only able to accumulate 154 yards in five games and no touchdowns in five games. We hope for Marshall that everything works out, because with a new GM in town for the Giants, there's still a chance the wide receiver gets cut before next season. Do you think Marshall has any chance of making the Hall Of Fame?

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