Akiem Hicks Calls Out Packers' Offensive Line.

Published September 5, 2018 at 3:42 PM

"A Week 1 matchup against the Green Bay Packers after landing Khalil Hicks is what dreams are made of. Bears' fans will be licking their chops watching Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers run away from not just Mack, but Leonard Floyd, Roquan Smith and Akiem Hicks. Hicks is looking forward to the matchup and sent out a couple of shots to the Packers offensive line on Wednesday. «I know those five guys can't block Khalil Mack,» he said.
«You know, I really feel like this: They have to put their offensive line together however they do it and put their best product out on the field, but I don't think their best product can block Khalil Mack,»Can a healthy Bryan Bulaga do the job coming off of a torn ACL?«Well, I think it affects guys when they come back from an injury, especially older guys like Bulaga. But I don't think he had a chance to block Khalil Mack in the first place.»
Hicks was adamant about the fact that the Packers offensive line won't be able to stop the Bears, and even if they stop Mack, they can't stop the rest of the Bears defense. «I mean once we added Khalil Mack, it just kind of sealed the deal,» Hicks said. «We have great rushers. We have a career All-Pro, Pro Bowl – I mean, what accolade doesn't he have?
«Then, you got to the other side and you have the young boy, Leonard Floyd, who I'm sure Khalil Mack is going to influence and make better. So overall …» Hicks continued «Can you tell how excited I am to have my new teammate?»Sunday Night Football can't come soon enough!

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