Unexpected Bears player may be up for trade

Chris Lewis
June 21, 2024  (5:21 PM)

Chicago Bears
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Chicago Bears face tough decisions as roster battles heat up.

Ryan Poles' aggressive approach to bolstering the Chicago Bears' roster could spell uncertainty for veteran running back Khalil Herbert. With fresh talent on board, seasoned players are finding their positions under scrutiny, exemplifying the cutthroat nature of NFL team dynamics.
Khalil Herbert, a product of Virginia Tech, has been a notable presence in the Bears' backfield since his selection in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Initially trailing behind seasoned players like David Montgomery and Damien Williams, Herbert quickly ascended the ranks, securing his spot as the secondary option by the season's close. His debut season sparkled with promise, setting high expectations for his continued contribution.
The narrative seemed poised to favor Herbert when Montgomery departed in free agency, leading Chicago to pick Roschon Johnson in the fourth round of the 2023 Draft and to sign veteran D'Onta Foreman. Despite these moves seemingly setting the stage for Herbert to lead, a blend of injuries and inconsistent performance saw his grip on the starting role slip away.
"...And yet, it wouldn't be surprising if Herbert is considered on the bubble at Halas Hall. He's in a contract year and the Bears drafted Johnson last year and signed Swift this year," Adam Jahns of The Athletic opined, highlighting the precarious nature of Herbert's position on the team.
The offseason acquisition of D'Andre Swift, who inked a three-year, $24 million contract, further complicates Herbert's standing. Swift's integration into the starting lineup underscores a clear directive from the Bears' management: the search for dynamic, impactful playmakers is paramount.
As training camp progresses, the roster's composition will come into sharper focus. Herbert's utility as a return specialist offers him a lifeline—his experience in this role is a valuable asset. However, competition looms large with undrafted rookie Ian Wheeler also eyeing a spot as a return man.
With a roster that may accommodate only four or five running backs, the pressure is mounting. Players like Khari Blasingame and Travis Homer, who contribute extensively on special teams, are set to solidify their places due to their versatile skill sets.
This reshuffling at Halas Hall is indicative of a broader strategy aimed at revitalizing the Bears' on-field dynamics. While the path ahead for Herbert remains clouded by uncertainty, the unfolding preseason will be critical in determining whether he can carve out a role in this revamped squad or if he will become a casualty of the evolving NFL landscape. The summer ahead promises intense competition and possibly career-defining outcomes for many, including Khalil Herbert.
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Chicago Bears Khalil Herbert Could Be On Chopping Block
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Unexpected Bears player may be up for trade

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