Ex-teammate of Justin Fields makes shocking declaration

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June 21, 2024  (5:00 PM)

Justin Fields
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Justin Fields: A new dawn with the Steelers after a rocky start in Chicago.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Justin Fields is looking forward to a fresh start after a challenging three-year stint with the Chicago Bears, marked by a toxic team environment and frequent changes in coaching and offensive strategy. Throughout his time in Chicago, Fields endured a revolving door of leadership, with two head coaches and three offensive coordinators in just three years. Such instability begs the question: how can a young quarterback flourish under these conditions?
On the Bring The Juice podcast, former Bears cornerback Davontae Harris came to Fields' defense, describing the situation in Chicago as untenable. "Justin's one of the most down to Earth people in the world. The job was never not his. I think it's a matter of what he makes it, and I've been around him. He's gonna turn it into an opportunity," Harris stated. "With the Steelers he can be a star. Obviously, in Chicago he could too, but when I was in Chicago, they were playing to lose. When they're playing to lose, it doesn't matter what you do."
Jason Goff of NBC Sports Chicago echoed this sentiment on The Right Time with Bomani Jones podcast, pointing out the severe disadvantages Fields faced. "He was part of the problem. I think Justin Fields got caught up in the worst wasteland you can have to develop a quarterback," Goff remarked. Fields' rocky start included being sacked nine times by Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney during his first game against the Cleveland Browns, setting a grim tone for his early NFL career.
In his second year, under new general manager Ryan Poles, the team underwent a major rebuild, resulting in the youngest roster in the league and limited experienced targets for Fields. Despite these challenges, Fields demonstrated unexpected resilience and adaptability, frequently using his mobility to compensate for the team's shortcomings.
The move to Pittsburgh opens new doors for Fields, a sentiment strongly supported by Steelers general manager Omar Khan. "We really liked Justin coming out of college. He had an up-and-down situation in Chicago, and the opportunity was there to get him, and I'm excited," Khan expressed during an appearance on 93.7 The Fan. His enthusiasm is shared by teammates and staff, who have noted Fields' active engagement and leadership since joining the team.
Fields' proactive approach in Pittsburgh is not going unnoticed. He has been highly engaged in meetings, committed to mastering the playbook, and eager to build rapport with his new teammates. His efforts to learn from seasoned quarterback Russell Wilson underscore his determination to leverage this new opportunity fully.
As Justin Fields steps into his role with the Steelers, his past trials with the Bears may well set the stage for a triumphant turnaround, proving that even the most challenging beginnings can lead to promising new ventures in the world of professional football.
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Ex-Teammate Says Bears Set Justin Fields Up for Failure
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Ex-teammate of Justin Fields makes shocking declaration

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