Willie McGinest Breaks Down How Pagano Will Change Bears' Defense.

Published June 18, 2019 at 2:28 PM

One of the biggest offseason changes for the Chicago Bears didn't take place on the roster but instead on the coaching staff. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio decided to leave Chicago and take a shot at the head coaching job in Denver.General manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy decided on Chuck Pagano as Fangio's replacement. While Fangio is expected to keep the wheels in motion regarding the defense, he's also expected to give it his own touch. While appearing on the NFL Network's Total Access show, Willie McGinest explained what to expect from a Pagano defense compared to a Fangio defense. "They're a talented group and Vic Fangio didn't want to put a lot on those guys plate. They didn't blitz a lot not a lot of blitzing from the safeties, db's or linebackers. He ran a 43 style system, a hybrid 3-4 system, Pagano is going to run a hybrid 3-4 system which is just a little different technique with the db's and defensive ends. He's going to blitz a little bit more with the linebackers and safeties and he's going to stem, not really stunt but stem the front a little bit more to give you different looks. I think he's going to give you a little more and he's got a lot to work with there."What do you think of McGinest comments?

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