Great News Regarding Leonard Floyd.

Published June 17, 2019 at 11:10

Even though the Chicago Bears lost defensive coordinator Vic Fangio to the Denver Broncos, the Bears' defense is expected to pick up where they left off last year. New defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano is not only expected to keep the wheels in motion but throw in a lot more blitzing than we saw under Fangio. Fangio and the rest of the Bears' coaching staff were ecstatic as Leonard Floyd arrived at camp healthy and in some of the best shape he's ever been in since being a Bear. Floyd has bulked up from 235lbs in his draft year to 251lbs this year much thicker in the upper body, and has been able to workout this offseason instead of recover from injuries and surgery like last year. The linebacker is ready to go and bring it. «Being violent and just going out with a mindset of getting to the quarterback,» Floyd told the Chicago Tribune. «I have to sharpen my tools. It's been very different because I have been able to train and do all of the things with no limitations this spring.«I believe I was playing my best football during the second half of last year after I really got over my hand injury. I felt like I was playing a lot better and I am looking forward to this year and just building off of that.»Let's GO!!

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