VIDEO: Bears TE Zach Miller Walks For First Time Since Almost Having His Leg Amputated!

Published December 18, 2017 at 9:32 PM

"The Chicago Bears have had a scary season, but nothing has been scarier than the injury that happened to Zach Miller during the Bears game against the New Orleans Saints October 29th.
Miller came extremely close to having to have his leg amputated after he dislocated his left knee and tore the popliteal artery. Luckily for Miller, doctors were able to act quickly and save his leg.

For Miller, the main concern wasn't if he would play football again, it was if he would actually ever walk again.

The Bears TE has received support from every corner of the football world throughout the eight surgeries he was forced to have.

After returning to Halas Hall last week for the first time since the injury, Miller took another huge step this week.... literally.

The 33 year old posted a video of himself taking his first steps since the injury and surgeries and mentioned walking again felt like a million bucks.

While you can clearly see Miller struggling in the video, it's extremely heart warming to see the TE take a couple of steps without some crutches.

You can watch the scene in the video below:

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