No Guts, No Glory: The John Fox Era

Published December 18, 2017 at 2:33 PM

"John Fox has given the Chicago Bears plenty of reasons to not bring him back for the final year of his contract. In fact, he's given them multiple reasons to fire him weeks ago, but the Bears appear to be waiting until after the season wraps up at the Minnesota Vikings on New Year's Eve to let him go.
The Bears will lose at least 10 games in all three years under Fox after Saturday's listless loss to the Detroit Lions. It isn't just that the Bears keep losing, it's more that they keep losing the same way. Bad game planning, poor execution and terrible in-game decisions.
We saw another example of the questionable game management skills of Fox on Saturday. With the Bears down 6-0 early in the second quarter, Fox elected to punt on fourth-and-1 from his own 45-yard-line. A 4-9 team should have nothing to lose in that spot, but he did not trust his stud running back Jordan Howard to move the ball three feet.
The Lions responded with a 10-play, 92-yard touchdown drive to make the score 13-0 which pretty much ended the day for the Bears.
Fox defended his move after the game.
"Yeah, you do got something to lose, that's called field position," Fox said, per Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago. "We failed to have that much of the day, largely to some of our inability to move the ball, in particularly the first half. I think, sure, you can go for that, but it can bite you too."
No guts, no glory. The story of the John Fox era of Chicago Bear football. "

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