VIDEO: Absolutely Amazing Moment Featuring Mike Davis On Mothers Day.

Published May 13, 2019 at 10:42

"The Chicago Bears' fans are still getting to know one of their new running backs, Mike Davis. He's got quite the interesting story and past as the 26 year old grew up in one of the roughest Atlanta neighborhoods.Because of that, Davis decided to leave college early and take a gamble on the NFL Draft to help his mom and the rest of his family out and they actually got an eviction notice late in the draft process. Four years later, Davis came through with one of the greatest gifts his mom could ever imagine. The running back posted a video on Instagram of him and his mom pulling up in a car to the brand new house he bought for her. «Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you so much,» Davis wrote in the caption on Instagram. «I remember when I was younger we moved every year to a new place. Days you didn't eat but made sure we ate. I love you, enjoy your house.»
Check the scene out in the video below:


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